DOGtropolis is now offering
a few additional services:
It's the little things that matter:
Purified Water                                                          $1/Bottle
A KONG stuffed with your pet’s choice of filling: 
                         Cheese, Banana, Peanut Butter                               $5 
Gourmet dog cookies                                                    1/2 Dozen   $6
While you are away enjoying your vacation, eating out, shopping & sight seeing, your pooch can now be doing the same.
Chauffeured trip to:
 Starbucks for a Pup Cup   $10                  
 Mc Donald's for a plain cheeseburger  $10
 Petsmart for a shopping spree   $20 + Merch.
Get the Spaw Treatment:
We want your pet to come home rested, feeling & smelling good.
Overnight guests receiving  bath or groom package on the day of their departure DO NOT pay the $10 late checkout fee.  (2pm or later check-out) We highly recommend that all guests be bathed before they go home, especially for those who participate in playtime, or that are staying more than a few days. We find that pets who are bathed & or groomed before they go home, know their stay with us is coming to an end. They also enjoy the extra attention & pampering.  
Price varies depending on the Breed
Do something crazy & extra special for your family.
Have your cute furry family member waiting to greet you curbside at the airport when you arrive home in Indy. Not only will this save you time, it is an awesome surprise for the whole family!   
During DOGtropolis Hours...... $50              
After Hours...... $75 & Up